Take your SAP Commerce shop to the next level

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Benefit from features of PWA combined with best UX trends and practices for mobile to create a unique shopping experience on your SAP Commerce platform.

SAP Commerce

SAP Commerce is an e-commerce platform that combines the best technology and modular architecture to provide you a great tool to engage your customers and  grow your business. 

SAP Commerce’s out-of-the-box features and extensions insure fast time-to-market while its ability to add custom components provides the opportunity for unique competitive advantage.

That is why leading companies choose to build their businesses on SAP Commerce.


Why e2m is a game-changer for SAP Commerce?

SAP Commerce’s value

  • Performance (DHL marketplace)
  • Omnichannel
  • PIM (Product Info Management)
  • Framework
  • B2C, B2B, B2B2C
  • Cloud
  • Integration with SAP Suite (for example – CRM, ERP)


e2m storefront’s added value

  • All benefits of PWA – offline capabilities, adding to home screen, push notifications and much more
  • Integration of key processes with SAP Commerce, such as orders, products and categories, payments and shipment methods
  • Integration with external CMSes
  • Integration with marketing automation tools
  • Google Analytics support
  • High speed and performance
  • Best UX practices

Solution description

The e2m storefront thanks to its API integrates easily both with your SAP Commerce and external systems supporting it.
e2m’s flexibility allows you to combine the best solutions available on market and provide your customers with seamless experience.
Our experts will help you to make sure that your e-commerce is ready for a mobile era.

e2m architecture for SAP Commerce



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